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Here are straight facts about me, who I worked for, some of my customers as well as a sample of my accomplishments for you to review. I also summarized for you what I could do for your business as a consultant. Finally, you will find at the end a form to fill so that we can discuss our next step together.


Over 20 Years

Over 20 Years

23 years B2C Product Marketing  ♦  17 years B2B Product Marketing  ♦  12 years B2B Service Marketing

6 Industries

B2B And B2C

B2B And B2C

Beauty/Personal Care  ♦ Small Domestic Appliances  ♦  Foodservice ♦  Hand-tools  ♦  Online Education  ♦  Tourism

Advertising & Communication

Over 20 Years

Over 20 Years

20 years Traditional Media ♦  15 years Digital media ♦  Board Communication  ♦ Customer Presentation  ♦ Conferences  ♦  PR


Revenue Growth

Revenue Growth

Sales & Marketing ♦ Audit  ♦  Business Development  ♦  Growth Hacking  ♦  Brand and Product Innovation


Over 20 Years

Over 20 Years

23 years International Experience  ♦  20 years Global roles  ♦ Americas/EMEA/APAC  ♦ English/French/Spanish

Team & Budget



100 People Team ♦ $200M Budget  ♦  Servant Leader ♦ Cross Functional ♦  Suppliers & Agencies ♦ Agile/Waterfall/Change Project Management


"A High energy professional - Outstanding speaker - Strong Creative and Analytical skills."
"Research the market thoroughly before developing Product and Marketing strategies."
"New and Creative approaches...a tremendous level of Integrity and Professionalism"

Results & Customers

New Brands Created
Products & Services launched
+ %
Foreign Offices Opened
+ %
Monthly Sales
Strategic Advice

Areas of Expertise

Business Strategy

A complete analysis of your online and offline business

Brand Digital Health Audit

Brand Awareness. Website Audit. Marketing funnel analysis. Benchmarking.

Portfolio Analysis

Identify where to maximize your ROI with this analysis of your Product, Services and Customers portfolio.

Teams & Processes Audit

Proficiency GAP analysis. Roles and responsibilities. Goals, KPIs and Dashboards. Workflows & Marketing Stack

Competitive Analysis

Organic footprint. Advertising and Messaging.

Growth Hacking set-up

Pilot tests. Team Training and process implementation.

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