the marketing vortex

The 6 dimension-Marketing Funnel to Grow your Online Revenue

6 elements of the Marketing Vortex

Marketing funnels are two-dimensional and do not provide the Actionable information you need to grow your business.

The Marketing Vortex contains 6 Critical and Actionable Dimensions to get you total control over your Marketing Campaigns and Grow your Online Revenue.

6-dimension Marketing Vortex

Download and share this 2020 MARKETING VORTEX to Grow your Online Revenue with this Proven Integrated approach.

targeted content

Optimize your resources and concentrate on creating the Right content at the Right time

key performance indicators

Cut through the noise and focus on the right KPIs that really matter at each stage of your funnel

9 efficiency marketing layers

Avoid efficiency waste and ensure each team member is clear on what stage they should be working on

digital marketing stack

Know what tool to use to get the job done and measure your performance at each stage

grow your

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